The best roofing videos we could find.

The 20 Best How-to Roofing Videos on the Net

The Best Roofing Videos on the Net

 There are a lot of roofing videos on the internet. Many are just promotional commercial videos with little actual useful roofing information. Many are quick snippets taken with a smart phone from workers goofing off while at work. A lot just show poor roofing practice and technique.

We've searched for, found and present here, the best roofing videos that show proper roofing installation procedures. Many of the roofing videos we have reviewed are lacking either roofing installation or video production quality. Often both. First we try to find videos with both qualities but failing that we will add videos with proper roofing techniques over production value.

After viewing hundreds of videos, we have found 15 good ones that we can recommend. So far there are videos on asphalt shingle installation, drip edge and chimney flashing, slate installation and repair, ice dam prevention and sheet metal soldering. We will continue searching and hopefully round out our list of the 20 best roofing videos on the net.


Drip Edge Flashing Installation
This video illustrates the proper procedure for installing roof drip edge when installing ice and water shield, or ice guard membrane.Drip edge installation hemmed top edge
Chimney Flashing Installation
This video illustrates the proper procedure for installing copper flashing on a stone chimney with slate roofing.Chimney-flashing-installation
Ice Dam Prevention
Stop ice dams from forming with proper installation of soffit vents and insulation baffles.Ice-Dam-preventing 
Shed Roof Shingles
A basic installation of roofing shingles on a shed roof. Not great but good enough for an outbuilding.Shed roof installation video
Roof Ice Dams
A good basic video of the some of the causes and solutions for winter roof ice damming.Ice dam video
Ice Dam Snow Removal Tool
Here's a great tool for removing roof snow to help prevent or minimize ice dams.Snow removal tool
How to Nail Shingles
A quick video on proper nailing of asphalt roof shinglesNailing shingles
Soldering Zinc Roofing
Soldering a lap joint in zinc sheet metal.Soldering zinc video
Lead Chimney Flashing
Great instructional video on installing sheet lead as chimney flashing on a slate roof with a brick chimney..Lead flashing video
Tile Roof Layout
Basic layout instructions for a new tile roof installation to achieve even spacing of tile courses.Tile roof layout
Lead Apron flashing
Another nice how to video from fixmyroof showing how to install a lead apron on a tile roof and brick wall.Lead apron flashing video
Roof Slate Repair
How to video from fixmyroof showing how to repair a single broken roofing slate.Be sure to watch all the way through to see alternative fastening options.slate repair video
Asphalt Shingle Replacement
Straightforward video on how to replace an asphalt 3 tab shingle.asphalt shingle repair video
European Slate Roofing with Hooks
Video showing a restoration of a French Manor roof with slate secured with slate hooks.slate repair video
Drip Edge | Gutter Flashing
Installing custom drip edge to prevent water dripping behind a gutter.Gutter drip edge to prevent water behind gutter.

How to install asphalt shingles

Good primer on basic shingle installation when beginning the roof.


GAF How to do valleys

GAF how to do valleys

Asphalt shingle installation for open,woven and closed cut roof valleys.

Except for;

Nailing the shingles directly to the ice and water shield (the shingles will stick to the i&w and be a horrible to remove when it is time to reroof).

Installing the ice and water shield over the drip edge.

And the use of roofing cement.

This video shows pretty good technique for installing woven and closed roof valleys.



Copper Exclusive

European craftsmanship in Utah.




Lead Chimney Flashing

An instructional video from JustLead in the UK



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